SunTori Co. works with technology partners and solution providers to deliver customized and unique solutions for our target groups.

Technical  partnerships are developed in mutual trust and commitment for complete, reliable, and customer-focused services.

Technology Partners

SunTori Technology Partners are best-of-breed in their fields.

SunnyBAG logo

SunnyBAG Gmbh  headquartered in Austria incorporates mobile power supply with style, eco-friendliness, and fashion appeal. The award-winning company develops, produces and sells fashionable shoulder bags and backpacks with integrated flexible solar panels, converting sunlight into electrical power to charge mobile devices. This  is your personal power station for charging any mobile devices — phone, digital camera, mp3-player, iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc.


NRS International headquartered in the United Arab Emirates is a family-run company that develops and manufactures products to the humanitarian aid, public health and development sectors. Responding to the growing demands of vulnerable populations as a a global humanitarian hub, NRS Relief, TANA Netting, and Flexiway Solar Solutions  provide cost-effective aid essentials.

Flexiway-logoFlexiway Solar Solutions originally developed from Australia brings light to those who need it the most, such as people living in refugee camps as a result of humanitarian or natural crises and those living in under-developed areas. Fit-for-purpose solar product range works to empower and protect people in various settings. Solar lightings can provide a solution for the entire family, community or health center.


Suntrica Ltd. from Finland is the leader in portable, flexible and high-efficiency solar charging solutions. The clean tech manufacturer engages in designing and contract manufacturing easy-to-use personal solar chargers for use with portable battery-powered devices. Chargers converting ambient solar energy into usable electrical energy can provide an unlimited source of power for personal electronic devices.

Do you have a smart energy portfolio and clean tech solutions for the emerging markets? Contact us today!

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