SunTori Co. sells and delivers renewable energy solutions and standalone clean tech products and services.

We pride in our partnerships with best-of-breed providers that relies on “Green Manufacturing” throughout the product life-cycles. This means using only ecological manufacturing and recycling processes.

All solar power solutions are eco-friendly, easy to use, and ensures sustainability. Our promise is to deliver and bring them to your doorsteps, wherever you are located!

Home Solar

We deliver Home Solar solutions for private homes and commercial buildings located in any parts of the Philippines and some parts of Southeast Asia with international shipping costs.

  • Flexible High Power Solar Panels
  • Solar Hybrid Systems (solar PV+ESS+Diesel genset)

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Mobile Solar

All solar power solutions we bring are eco-friendly, easy to use, and ensures sustainability. Our promise is to deliver and bring a smart energy portfolio your doorsteps, where ever you are located!

  • Mobile Solar Straps using Advanced Product Technology
  • Flexible and monolithic photovoltaic modules
  • Charging electronics and accessories

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Smart Solar

  • Professional solutions and Custom Products for B2B
  • Cellular & Solar Charger Bundle for Education
  • E-learning Modules + Device for Environmental Science, Renewable Energy, and CleanTech

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