Solar power solutions

We aim to serve communities with high-efficiency solar solution and clean tech innovations.

We achieve this through dedicated work with SMEs using innovative solutions and new ways of working such as Social Manufacturing.  Our well-chosen suppliers and partners pride themselves with teams for International R & D.

A driver of  the 21st century industrial revolution is Renewable Energy (RE).  The Philippines has resources that makes it “well-placed to lead in the renewable energy industrial revolution, as the world market for renewable energy is growing strongly with over 118 countries already have targets in place.

Solving Asia’s power crises is crucial to economic, community, and social development


Mutual Challenge

Access to safe, clean, affordable modern energy to 100 million people in Asia by 2015

Scaling up access to affordable, modern and clean energy among the region’s poor is a joint effort by the private and public sector

Win-win solution 

It is a  win-win solution – the country’s energy demand and consumption – answered by innovative service business providers.

In 2014, SunTori founders  who have travelled in 30+ countries for various work in the combined fields of ecotourism, media, smart building constructions, and logistics among others– can glimpse the growth of societies and their environmental concerns – from both sides of the world, in Europe and Asia.

They decided to face the inevitable challenge  – the future lies in clean tech and renewable energy (RE) supply to alleviate the standard of living for people in emerging countries and harness the potential of expertise from companies that provide them.

Sunset in Manila Bay

Today, SunTori founders and management dedicate their time and resources to deliver  high-quality, cost-effective, and reliable energy sources, specially solar power.

Alongside clean tech solutions developed from Finnish R & D, SunTori will meet the challenge for cleaner, smarter, and more sustainable environment, especially for those who lack them.

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