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Professional Solutions for business-to-business (B2B), corporates, organizations, and education sectors.

Custom Products 

Our technology provider Suntrica enables us to provide our customers unique solar power supply integrated in their corporate branding. Our OEM partners produce customized products with mobile solar solutions at volume price and discounts!

Bag with Solar Pane Custom Product – Click to Buy


Special Branding

Considering customer’s needs, we offer unique branding through laser engraving technology or special packaging tailored for your organization or company. This custom solutions are produced according to your specifications.

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Special Packaging for Mobile Solar – Click to Buy

Unique Packaging Custom Product

Cellular & Solar Charger Bundle for Education

Select from a Cellular & Solar Charger Bundle and power pack with:

  • SCOUT SolarPlate™
  • MOVE  SolarStrap™

Learn and read educational content with a budged selected product:

  • Huawei Y330
  • Huawei Y220
  • Huawei 7Youth 2
Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 18.33.42
Cellular & Solar Charger Bundle – Click to Buy!
Cellular & Solar Charger Bundle
Cellular & Solar Charger Bundle


Ecological power for portable mobile devices in a light and compact package.

E-learning Modules + Device for Environmental Science, Renewable Energy, and CleanTech – Coming Soon!

Compatible with wide range of mobile devices
Compatible with wide range of mobile devices


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