Mobile Solar

Mobile Solar

SunTori is an authorized representative and distributor of SunnyBAG Gmbh, Flexiway Solar Solutions, and Suntrica Solar Chargers

Solar Bags for School, Sports, Business, Recreation & Lifestyle

Wearable technology provider SunnyBAG develops fashionable shoulder bags and backpacks with flexible, water.- and scratch-proof solar panels. This panels produce electricity with the help of sunlight – even when the weather is bad. With an USB port smartphones, MP3 players, navigation systems, actons cams, tablets and hundred of wearables can be charged every time mobile and environment- friendly.

Created in concept and MADE in EU, using ecological manufacturing and recycling processes, all solar power solutions we offer are eco-friendly, easy to use, and ensures sustainability.

Created in Green Manufacturing, products use only ecological manufacturing and recycling processes.

How Mobile Solar Works

SunnyBAG recharges your mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, action cam…) wherever and whenever ☀ with solar energy!

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Makes you finally fully independent 

Take in hand your own life and environment!  Click here to buy online or download pdf – SunnyBAG Product Catalogue. 


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SunnyBAG Product Technology

SunnyBAG produces fashionable shoulder bags and backpacks with integrated flexible solar panels.
– Panels convert sunlight into electrical power to charge mobile devices
– SunnyBAG PowerStick (a Li-Ion battery) optionally comes with your bag
– Personal power station for charging any mobile device (mobile phone, digital camera, mp3-player, iPhone, iPad, iPod etc.)
. Uses a never ending source of energy – the SUN!

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Suntrica Product Technology

Prestigious and multi-awarded products in Europe.

 Available in black, orange, green, and all colors (for bulk order).

Mobile Solar Straps by Suntrica 

  • Mobile Solar Straps using Advanced Product Technology
  • Flexible and monolithic photovoltaic modules
  • Charging electronics and accessories


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