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Emerging markets opportunities for solar hybrid system (solar PV+ESS+Diesel genset) in the Philippines is growing all the time.

SunTori Co. serve these markets in the areas of Smart Grids, Energy management, Energy Efficiency, and Energy Distribution

We deliver Home Solar solutions for private homes and commercial buildings located in any parts of the Philippines and some parts of Southeast Asia with international shipping costs.

The Philippines has good solar radiation to generate power from solar solving the costs of prohibitively expensive electricity bills.

There are 1.6 billion people in the world who live without possibility of being connected to their national electricity grid. In the Philippines alone, 1 in 4 live without access to electricity.

Connects off-grid communities

Communities  rely on fossil fuel lighting such as kerosene and candles – they are expensive, pollutant, and cause eventual harm  for long term use.

Replaces burning of fossil fuel

In the three main islands of the Philippines, about 20 million people lacks access to electricity. They are located in remote, rural villages, with no proper roads and infrastructure.

Bridges people to main islands

Schoolchildren living in isolated the far-flung provincial areas cannot even attend schools or read at night due to lack of light.

With the solar hybrid systems, not only communities save on electricity bills, the standard of living improves and progress is seen.

Strengthens youth education


To get a quote on our Home Solar solutions for private homes and commercial buildings, contact us today.

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